Essentials CMW21 Compact Solo Microwave, Kettle & 2-Slice Toaster Bundle – White



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Colour coordinate your kitchen appliances with the stylish Essentials CMW21 Compact Solo Microwave, Kettle & 2-Slice Toaster Bundle.______________________________________Essentials CMW21 Compact Solo Microwave – WhiteThe Essentials CMW21 Compact Solo Microwave has 6 power settings, so you can adjust the level to suit what you’re cooking. Choose high power for soup or popcorn, and low power for simmering a chilli or melting yummy chocolate sauce.With the defrost function you can thaw fish or meat in no time – great when you’ve forgotten to take that chicken out of the freezer the night before.With a 17-litre capacity, the microwave gives you plenty of room to prepare small dishes quickly. And the compact design means it will fit neatly into any size of kitchen.______________________________________Essentials C17JKW17 Jug Kettle – WhiteEnsure immediate access to boiled water for all your needs with the Currys Essentials C17JKW17 Jug Kettle.With a 1.7-litre capacity, this kettle provides you with enough water for several cups of tea or coffee, or to prepare your instant soups, noodles and more.Automatic shut-off and boil-dry protection provide safety, and a LED indicator lets you know when the kettle is in operation.______________________________________Essentials C02TW17 2-Slice Toaster – WhiteStart your day with perfect toast courtesy of the Essentials C02TW17 2-Slice Toaster

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